server performance issues – Squall

10 Sept 2018

Hello, everyone

it has come to our attention that we are having major issues with our newest server Squall. We are having issues with our cpu, and having kernel panics almost every 12 hours. We are also having random freezes. We have contacted the data center  to try to resolve this issue. Please stand by for further updates.

Update: 09-28-2018 – Please see

Investigating: The issue has been detected again. Analysis is currently in progress.

Resolved: The issue has subsided and we’re back live! If you have any issues, please let us know!

Update: 09-12-2018  – after looking into this issue further, we were told by our data center, that we were put on a slow server and that our server container is corrupted.  We are going to be getting a new server from a different vendor and a different data center  that better fits our needs. The current server is still operational and will work for the time being.  If you are having issues, please send a ticket

Investigating – Investigation is still ongoing. We’re working to get the system back up and running as soon as possible. At this time Squall is still online, and operational. If you are having issues, please send a ticket